Visitors come to Zahlé for many reasons. They travel here to discover the serene scenery to experience best the world renowned Lebanese Cuisine with its infinite variety “mezzes” to taste the national drink “arak”, (an anise flavored alcohol served in small glasses and mixed with ice and water), and to enjoy the light and dry weather. 

Zahlé, The Bride of the Beqaa, a red-roofed town beautifully situated on the eastern foothills of Mount Sannine with snowcapped summits, is spread along both banks of the Berdawni River and is centrally located in the Bekaa Valley. 

As a hotel, Monte Alberto, with its spectacular setting overlooking beautiful Wadi Zahlé
and the Berdawni River, offers an awesome and panoramic view of this unique city, its 
famous river and the Bekaa valley. As a restaurant, Monte Alberto serves Lebanese mezzes like nowhere else. Delicious country bread “markouk” is baked before your eyes and a man in baggy trousers and fez is on hand to pour Lebanese coffee and provide diners with “Narjile”, a hubble-bubble (water pipe).

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